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Witch Trials

Would You Have Survived the Salem Witch Trials?
Madeline Lumley

A wave of hysteria washed over the people of Salem village in Massachusetts from 1692-93. They were convinced the devil possessed the bodies of women, children and even some men to carry out satanic actions on the innocent, devout Puritans of Salem…

Infused Liquor

Infusing Spring Flavors into Tasty Liquor
Samantha Baker

Spring is in the air. Do you know what that means? Farmers markets are right around the corner. What could possibly be better than strolling along in the warm sun, buying freshly picked fruits, herbs or vegetables from local distributors? Adding a dash of liquor to the mixture, of course…


Get Your Book On
Lauren Horsch

There are a lot of weird national holidays and celebrations, but this week we’ve been celebrating a group of people and services that help us survive academia—and life, for that matter. National Library Week is dedicated to honoring those information superheroes helping you with everything from getting your first library card to getting that crucial piece of information for your master’s thesis…


Meth: The Rich History of the Poor Man’s Drug
Information by Hilary Abrahamson
Art by Leah Walters

Methamphetamines are everywhere: on TV, in the news and a constant part of anti-drug campaigns. But the meth outbreak began long ago, thousands of miles away. “There’s not that much that’s new about it, even though people think of it as new,” Nick Reding, author of Methland, said. His book discusses the influence of the drug in small-town America. “It’s a drug that’s perfectly suited for the American cultural norms of success.” From military to medicinal purposes, learn how the use of meth evolved from an asthma treatment to a Midwest epidemic…


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Summer in Chicago
Samantha Baker

Summer: A time for new experiences, exploring and most of all, fun. And what could possibly be more fun than going on adventures around the great city of Chicago? With countless festivals, events and parades occurring throughout the summer, there’s always an excuse to celebrate the season in the Windy City.

UX Design

User Experience Designers: the Unnoticed Superheroes of Today
Kylie Rush & Samantha Baker

There’s a little blue “unsubscribe” button in the upper right-hand corner of a website. Everything from the color, the size and the location evokes a certain response from the user. But say the link was red and at the bottom of the page. Those alterations could entirely change the way the user interacts with the site and how it makes them feel…


Minneapolis-St. Paul Toy Store Creates Toys for Kids with Autism
Erin McHenry

The Midwest isn’t just fields. There are some trees, too. And it’s a day like today that we can celebrate the sprawling forests we’ve grown to love. It also helps that Earth Day has its roots in the Midwest…


Medical Marijuana Saves the Lives of Children
Hali Ortega

It was bedtime for Zaki. His mother, Heather Jackson, went through the routine of pulling together a makeshift bed next to her own and tucking her 10-year-old son into the blankets. He couldn’t sleep in his parents’ bed tonight — Dad had to work in the morning…


Your Work

Think Weekly


Q&A with Rapper Toki Wright
Bailey Berg

Toki Wright has quite the résumé. The Twin Cities-based rapper has recorded with Atmosphere, opened for Brother Ali and was a coach on MTV’s “Made.” With roles that run the gamut from wordsmith and rap professor to community organizer and humanitarian, he’s got a lot on his plate. Think Mag sat down with Wright during the sound-check for the first show of his latest tour, “Pangaea,” to discuss spoken word, originality and his impressive head of hair…

An Unexpected Passion

An Unexpected Passion
Taylor Soule

A volunteer embraces a grinning child in a brochure photo. Inside, “Fun Facts” provide a peek into a nonprofit’s now-global impact. It all looks so … carefree, even perfect. Before the tender snapshot made it to the glossy brochure, though, a small group of people gathered in an office…


Folks of the Midwest
Fred Griffin

“Where did you get this ring in your nose? Like a pig. I grew up on a plantation and my daddy used to put rings in their nose like that. … I ran away when I was 15 from Chelsea, Miss., and came to Chicago when MLK got killed.”


Word of the Week: Justice
Taylor Soule

A call for “justice” typically indicates something grave and unlawful. Well before “We want justice!” became a slogan for the wronged, it was a slogan for the thirsty. The 11th-century Latin word “iustitia” — an ancestor of “justice” — refers not to righting a wrong, but to, well, a tall one, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, justice was defined as a: “vessel containing a lawful amount of ale or wine, flagon.”


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