8 Trivia Knowledge and Interesting Facts About Ants

If you’re like most people, you may genuinely enjoy learning new things. One of the fascinating topics for many individuals is on ants. While you may get frustrated with this insect being inside your property, there are specific fun facts you may wish to know. Taking the time to educate yourself on this subject can be easily done by reading the information below quickly.

Fact #1: There are over 12,000 species of ants.

All ants aren’t created equally, and there are many varieties. One thing you may not know is there are over 12,000 species of ants.

This means that you may very likely have more than one type of ant in your backyard. You may want to work with a specialist to learn of the ant species on your property.

Fact #2: An ant can lift up to 20 times the amount they weigh.

When you picture an ant, the last thing you may think of is any amount of strength. These are tiny little creatures.

However, studies show this insect can lift up to 20 times the amount they weigh. When you consider this, you may not be as surprised about all the food crumbs that get missing from your kitchen.

Fact #3: Ants don’t have ears!

It’s unlikely you may have closely examined an ant unless you did so in a biology class. However, if you have, you may have quickly noticed that ants don’t have ears.

Of course, you may wonder how it’s even possible for this insect to hear, but it is. The method in which ants understand is through vibrations in the ground. Isn’t this a fun and an exciting tidbit of information?

Fact #4: Ants don’t have lungs either.

Another fact that may surprise you about ants is they don’t have lungs. This is hard to believe for many because how are they supposed to breathe?

Well, studies indicate this insect survives by oxygen going through holes that are all over the tiny body of the ant. This is the method in which oxygen both enters and leave the frame for this little insect.

Fact #5: Ants love to taste sweet food.

Have you had a significant problem with ants in your home? If so, you may notice that sweet treats and crumbs attract this insect type frequently.

If you want to determine if you have an ant problem, it’s a great idea to leave out honey in your kitchen. Due to the sweet taste this insect has, you may find an ant or two crawling on your countertop. Just make sure you call a pest control service, such as Affordable Pest Control, to exterminate these ants as soon as possible.

Fact #6: Ants have personalities.

Did you know that ants do have a personality? Of course, this isn’t likely to be anything that keeps you up at night when an ant comes to mind!

However, ants are very strong-willed and possess an instinct to survive. This could be why this insect lives so long in extreme weather conditions.

Experts agree that ants have a fighting spirit and will typically fight to the death. This could translate to both fighting other ants and working to survive.

Fact #7: There is a queen in an ant colony.

You may have heard about the queen of an ant colony. The queen is typically in charge of other ants and is the one that usually holds this province together. It’s usually if the queen dies; the other ants will only live a short amount of time after this. Another tidbit of information that may be helpful is that the queen will not be replaced once it dies.

Additionally, did you know that queen ants have wings? Yes, they do, and these will only shed when they start a new nest. How interesting the queen is and amazing the impact this insect will have over the other ants in a colony!

Facts #8: Ants build and live inside their mounds.

Have you ever gone for a walk and saw a huge mound with ants crawling out of it? If so, you may have just witnessed a home that’s been constructed by an ant. Ants build their mounds, and this provides a place for an entire colony to live. Some of the most common areas to find a hill is on the ground, on a tree, in a wood structure or even in a plant.

Always be mindful of where you step when walking outdoors and especially during the summer months. You never want to unknowing step on an ant mound because you may suffer from a bite or sting. Fire ant stings can be especially painful and something you’ll undoubtedly wish to avoid.

Investing a bit of time learning about ants may help you get a much better understanding of this insect. You may even gain a bit more respect for ants and find the behaviour and facts astonishing. However, it’s likely to be foremost on your to-do list if an ant or inside or outside your home to get rid of these. The most effective method for reaching this goal will rest in working with a pest control specialist in your area!

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