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Think Mag is a news magazine produced by Midwesterners for Midwesterners. It challenges readers to think both locally and globally, to engage in meaningful conversation and take purposeful action toward making the world just a little bit better. Because we can.

This issue of Think Mag tackles the inefficiencies of the modern world. The “Wasted” Edition looks at a few of our precious resources, from wasted food to wasted space, and how they are trickling through our fingers. It also digs in to what people are doing to strip away those inefficiencies.

The “Wasted” Edition at a glance:

    -When “big box” stores close, they leave more than empty aisles
    -How your blunt is killing California wildlife
    -What restaurants can do to feed people, not landfills
    -What Google isn’t telling you about their carbon footprint
    -Women Priests: An untapped resource for the shrinking population of Roman Catholic Priests

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