Get Up, Do Good
Five free apps and sites that aim to do some good.

By Samantha Baker
You’re at work or in the checkout line. Boredom strikes. You whip out your phone and find nothing new on Twitter, Instagram or even Buzzfeed. You’re searching for something to occupy your time, but no luck.

Don’t fret — over here at Think Mag, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few websites and apps to help you occupy some of your free time and give back, so you won’t feel quite as bad about spending spare time with your eyes (and thumbs) glued to a screen.


Even after you’re long gone, you can still save someone else’s life by signing up with ORGANIZE. It not only allows you to sign-up to be an organ donor, but provides solutions to the organ shortage beyond getting signatures at the DMV. Dead or alive, learn how to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life with this site.


For the quiz-lover in all of us, this site adds a whole new dimension to test taking. Freerice donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme for every quiz question you answer correctly. No matter how busy or financially strapped you may be, Freerice provides a fun opportunity to feed hungry people all over the world; people who need our help now.

Supportive Schedule

For those struggling with mental health conditions, such as autism and dementia, it can be difficult to get through a daily routine alone. Supportive Schedule aims to increase independence by having the caretaker create a list of routine tasks for the user to check off. Through this student-created app, the user is able to minimize caretaker intervention and build self-confidence by completing these tasks on his own. It’s available for free download from Google Play.


This social networking site allows you to connect with others all around the world who share similar passions to your own. Causes goes beyond just forming connections. It encourages people to support and organize different campaigns, as well as share those campaigns through other social media platforms.

Donate a Photo

The concept is simple: choose a charity, upload a photo to the app and will donate a dollar to that charity. Donate a Photo is a quick and easy way to help make a difference by doing what we love — sharing our lives through photos. Available free for both Android and iOS.

Photo courtesy of Karlis Dambrans



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