10 Risk Management Books You Should Read

Risk management involves identifying, assessing and controlling the different threats that are challenging the processes of a business. These threats can be caused by management errors, financial problems, legal issues, natural disasters, and more.

If you are running a business, or you are thinking about starting one, you could save yourself a lot of trouble by learning more about risk management. Reading at least a few of the books on this list should help you.

1. Financial Risk Management For Dummies by Aaron Brown

If you are familiar with the series of “For Dummies” books, you already have an idea of what to expect before you start reading this one. This is a concise, but detailed guide on risk management that was written for aspiring and experienced risk managers.

It will help you understand, evaluate and communicate different forms of risk, and it will assist you in developing risk management strategies.

You can purchase Financial Risk Management For Dummies on the Amazon website.

2. Risk: A Very Short Introduction by Baruch Fischhoff and John Kadvany

This guide informs us that risk can be found everywhere around us. Risk can be imposed on us, or it can stem from our own actions and errors. The authors examine different types of risk, and explain how we can choose to diminish risk in our daily lives.

The knowledge you gain from reading this book can easily apply to risk management for your business as well.

You can purchase Risk: A Very Short Introduction on the Amazon website.

3. Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter L. Bernstein

This book presents an ambitious, but very readable history of risk. According to the author, the desire to control and minimize risk is one of the most important things that distinguish our modern times from the past era where superstitions and oracles had more power over mankind.

It also explains how risk management tools have helped us free ourselves from fatalism and uncertainty.

You can purchase Against the Gods on the Amazon website.

4. The Essentials of Risk Management by Michel Crouhy, Dan Galai and Robert Mark

This straightforward guide effectively describes the different financial risks faced by businesses, and helps us understand how we can assess and handle these risks.

If you are interested in knowing how financial risk management evolved after the financial crisis of 2008, the authors of this book will provide you with clear and practical insights.

You can purchase The Essentials of Risk Management on the Amazon website.

5. A Practical Guide to Risk Management by Thomas S. Coleman

This book explains us how measuring risks and managing risks are different activities that need to be coordinated carefully if a business or organization wants to fully benefit from them. Many useful tools and techniques are presented.

The author informs us that relying on luck can only create uncertainty, while trusting statistics and probabilities will help us deal with both anticipated and unanticipated risks. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for risk management books, this is an essential read.

You can purchase A Practical Guide to Risk Management on the Amazon website.

6. Identifying and Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Project by Tom Kendrick

The author of this book tells us that all projects are risky, especially the complex ones. A number of things can go wrong in an instant, and this is why any project manager needs to be able to identify and address potential risks.

You don’t want any bad surprises, and this book will help you eliminate them so you can move forward with your project.

You can purchase Identifying and Managing Project Risk on the Amazon website.

7. Financial Risk Management: A Practitioner’s Guide to Managing Market and Credit Risk by Steve L. Allen

Reading this book will give you a good background on financial risk management. The author describes the nature of market and credit risk, and gives us valuable insights and advice.

Whether you are a finance professional, or you are simply interesting in this field, reading this book will help you understand risk management with practical examples and principles.

You can purchase Financial Risk Management on the Amazon website.

8. Risk Management and Financial Institutions by John C. Hull

This book can provide you with a deep understanding of the risks and the issues faced by different types of financial institutions. Efficient risk management is necessary to help improve the security of financial institutions.

The author explains helpful risk management practices that will appeal to those who are involved in the financial industry.

You can purchase Risk Management and Financial Institutions on the Amazon website.

9. Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety by Barbara J. Youngberg

If you are more interested in risk management for the healthcare industry, this book is for you. The author goes in depth into this topic, and proposes solutions to integrate approaches to risk management and patient safety.

This book is ideal for risk management professionals working in the healthcare industry.

You can purchase Principles of Risk Management and Patient Safety on the Amazon website.

10. The Failure of Risk Management: Why It’s Broken and How To Fix It by Douglas W. Hubbard

The author of this book claims that many risk management methods are ineffective. Through examples, he reveals what is wrong with those methods, and recommends solutions to fix them.

The author also explains how collaboration between different industries could improve risk management processes for everyone involved.

You can purchase The Failure of Risk Management on the Amazon website.

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