15 Types of Granite Used to Make Gorgeous Countertops

Granite is a beautiful and durable rock that comes in a variety of colours. In fact, different types of granite can be used to create gorgeous countertops. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom with brand new granite countertops, here is some inspiration for you.

Below are the 15 different types of granite that make gorgeous countertops in your home:

1. Black Pearl Granite

Black granite is perfect for people who want to decorate their kitchen or bathroom with strong contrasts. Black Pearl Granite is dark, but if you take a closer look at it, you will be able to notice tiny specks of gray, silver, gold, and brown.

2. Black Galaxy Granite

Choosing Black Galaxy Granite is another way to add a special touch to your dark granite countertops. This granite is black, but it’s covered with tiny white and gold specks. When you see it, you’ll understand where it got its name from, since the specks look like stars.

3. Absolute Black Granite

If you don’t want any colourful specks on your black granite countertop, Absolute Black Granite is the right choice for you. This solid black granite had a consistent texture, and it would add a dramatic and elegant look to any white kitchen.

4. River White Granite

If black countertops are not your thing, there are different types of white granite you can choose from. River White Granite looks white from afar, but take a closer look at it and you will notice veins of different shades of gray, as well as specks of red burgundy.

5. Bianco Romano Granite

Bianco Romano Granite presents many shades of gray and white, with small specks of black and brown. Countertops made from this type of white granite will look amazing in a classic white kitchen, but they can also be a good match for other colours.

6. Moon White Granite

If Galaxy Black Granite can remind us of a dark sky full of stars, Moon White Granite will remind us of our beautiful moon. The surface of this white granite is covered in delicate grains and patterns, in white, gray, silver, black, and burgundy.

7. Azul Aran Granite

If you are hesitating between black countertops and white ones, why not chose a gray granite? Azul Aran Granite has unique and well-defined textures and patterns that feature gray, black, white, cream, beige and brown flecks and veins.

8. Steel Gray Granite

Gray granite countertops are elegant and unique, and if you prefer dark grays, Steel Gray Granite could be a good option for your kitchen or bathroom. It features many dark shades of gray, animated by small specks of lighter grays.

9. Madura Gold Granite

If you want your countertops to add a touch of warmth and elegance, take a look at different types of gold granite. Madura Gold Granite is definitely warm and elegant, with its shades of gold, peach and plum and its brown veins and specks.

10. New Venetian Gold Granite

New Venetian Gold Granite is another elegant granite that features warm and earthy golden and beige tones, with dark brown flecks and light red, gray and brown veins. This unique granite will easily transform the look of any room where a new countertop is needed.

11. Juprana Persa Granite

Juprana Persa Granite is an interesting blend of gold, white and gray tones. It features brown, black and rust coloured highlights and flecks that give it a very interesting texture. If you like bright gold coloured granites, but you would prefer something more subtle, this could be a good choice.

12. Tan Brown Granite

If you like dark natural and earthy tones, Tan Brown Granite might be perfect for your next countertops. It has a rich dark brown colour, made from brown, deep red, burnt orange, black, and gray flecks. This type of granite looks great in warm and homey kitchens.

13. Costa Esmeralda Granite

Costa Esmeralda Granite has beautiful green and blue tones, enriched by light green and gold veins. If you want to add natural tones to your kitchen or bathroom, choose this type of granite to create countertops that will amaze you day after day.

14. Seafoam Green Granite

Seafoam Green Granite is another type of granite that has green tones, with a blend of gray and brown. It also features dark and light gray specks and markings, and of course, as with all types of granite, each slab is completely unique.

15. Volga Blue Extra Granite

If you don’t like warm and earthy tones, maybe Volga Blue Extra Granite is what you are looking for. It features a blend of dark grays and blues, and it’s covered with specks of lighter grays and blues. You will love the way the light entering your kitchen will make some of those blue specks shine like tiny sapphires.

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