4 Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Product Packaging

Public attitudes about recycling are changing and consumers are getting smarter about eco-friendly product packaging. Companies concerned about their waste production can see significant reductions by switching to more sustainable product packaging.

There are numerous advantages for small businesses and corporations to prioritize sustainable packaging methods. All over the world, no longer can the impact of packaging waste be ignored. More consumers than ever are rating recyclability of packaging as a ‘key driver of purchase’ and that’s just the beginning of why environmentally-friendly product packaging is a must for today’s companies. Here are 4 other reasons why you’ll want to make the switch.

1. Recyclable product packaging improves your environmental record.

If you’re a company that uses recyclable product packaging, let people know. This is a great strategy to demonstrate you are an environmentally responsible company committed to supporting a cleaner, healthier environment. Consumers, in bigger numbers than ever before, want to know a company’s environmental impact before buying their product.

In some product categories, consumers will avoid some forms of packaging altogether if they believe it to be environmentally unsafe or hazardous. Therefore, if you are using recycled materials for your product packaging or are using materials which can later be recycled, don’t be quiet about it. Feel good about doing something that’s making the world a better place!

2. Eco-friendly product packaging reduces what you give to landfills.

Product packaging is a huge source of waste in Canada and the United States. It makes up as much as 34 percent of what’s in our landfill sites. By switching to alternative packaging material or a new type of product packaging, that reduces what you’re putting into landfills. Some waste production in business cannot be avoided however packaging is one thing that you have it within your power to change. For any business owner concerned about the amount of waste their business is producing, this is a great way to go about reducing your number.

3. It costs less to recycle product packaging, in every way.

When product packaging is recycled, that’s energy that doesn’t need to be expended to manufacture new product from new materials. As we mentioned earlier, it also maximizes the space in our landfills which, as many in the waste management industry are finding out, is a growing cost. You’ll be saving on raw materials, saving on manufacturing energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Also, another positive is you’re creating jobs. There’s an entire industry and infrastructure being built around recycling product packaging. Every year, there are new facilities opened. An entire infrastructure is being built to accommodate recyclable packaging and in return, that’s continuing to play into the eco-friendly economy with more jobs and opportunity.

4. It shows you’re plugged into what’s going on in the world around you.

Beyond being environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly product packaging shows you’re socially conscious as well. Prioritizing eco-friendly product packaging signifies that you’re a part of a growing number of companies seeking alternatives to non-recyclables. In the current social climate, terms like ‘plastic bags’ and ‘Styrofoam’ have almost become dirty words. Non-recyclables are slowly being phased out by independent businesses and in government regulation. By switching to eco-friendly product packaging now, it puts you ahead of the game and sets you up for success with an audience of people who prioritize companies with minimized waste output.

Atlantic Packaging Products offers environmentally sustainable product packaging solutions customized to the client. If you’re a small business owner, corporate management, or manufacturer, they could provide high-performance product packaging that’s still accommodating to the environment around us. Having helped numerous brands with innovative packaging products, they can help your company get product to the customer using cost-effective, eco-friendly packaging.

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