4 Medical Conditions That Qualify for Disability Assistance

There are a number of medical conditions that quality people to receive assistance from the government. The most common types of medical conditions that qualify people include: respiratory issues, speech impediments, mental disorders, digestive track problems, and immune system failures that prevents people from functioning as normal.

This blog post outlines the common conditions and explains how assistance programs, subsidies and benefits can help maintain their quality of life.

1. Senses and Speech Issues

There are a number of people that struggle with speech and sense issues. When these issues begin to impact the person’s ability to function as normal it will qualify them for disability assistance. Sense issues tend to vary and can impact a person’s hearing, vision and balance which makes it difficult for them to maintain balance. When these conditions are severe it can prevent the person from being able to perform daily functions with the risk of injury.

Plus, the majority of these conditions are degrative and require long term care that has to be adjusted based on their state. These constant changes in the level of care can be expensive due to the different types of equipment, medications, and specialized treatment they’ll need. Without access to the benefits that medical disability provides people may not get the adequate care they need to maintain their quality of life.

2. Respiratory Illnesses

Another common illness that qualifies people for disability are respiratory diseases that affect a person’s ability to breath as normal. These issues can range in severity and be caused by a number of dangerous conditions such as: asthma, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia that all obstructs a person’s airways.

Without access to the correct assistance programs and medical treatment these illnesses can severely impact a person’s ability to function on their own which can cause a further decline of their condition. Therefore, anyone who currently has breathing conditions should apply for assistance programs that will be able to mitigate the condition’s impact.

3. Mental Disorders

Certain conditions that impact a person’s mental state qualify for disability and assistance programs. It’s important to note that there are specific requirements that need to be met before people are approved so it is recommended to confirm what the exact qualifications are before applying. These requirements can vary and are usually dependant on the type and severity of the persons diagnosis. However, every applicant will still be responsible to provide proof that the condition is impacting their life regardless of what it is.

For example. mood disorders that are a direct result of brain abnormalities (such as depression or bipolar) can qualify people for assistance program but the application must be submitted with medically documented evidence that outlines its symptoms. Otherwise, failing to understand and submit the required documentation can result in disappointment if your application is denied.

4. Immune System Failures

Suffering from an immune system disorder is another common ailment that qualifies people for medical disability. An immune system disorder can qualify a person for assistance if their condition is impacting their ability to function or maintain a job. When a person’s immune system is impacted they are more susceptible to contracting dangerous illnesses.

Some of the more common types of immune disorders include: lupus, arthritis, and anemia. If these issues are severed (or not properly treated) they can cause the person to get infections, inflammation and organ failure because of their inability to fight off disease. Given the potential severity of this illness its recommended that anyone suffering from the disorder speak with a professional about the possibility of receiving assistance.

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