5 Benefits & Perks of Flexographic Printing

If you run a business, or a part of business that requires a lot of printing, you know exactly how important choosing the right printing process is. The right printing process for the job you need to get done depends on various factors like the materials to be printed on, the type of colours to be used, the type of finish that the final product needs to have and the time in which you want to complete the printing job. Based on these requirements, business owners would earlier select the best printing option.

Nowadays, there is a certain type of printing whose popularity and usage in the market has been on a consistent upward curve. Yes, we are talking about flexographic printing. In the simplest of terms, it can be called like an updated variant of the conventional printing technique of direct rotary printing. Since it is called as the updated version, it should also come with some extra benefits? Below, we discuss those benefits.

1. For all colours

The biggest benefit of opting for flexographic printing is that it is the only solution you will need for all your different printing needs based on the type of the colours you want to use. The flexographic printing methods works perfectly well with many different kinds of inks, including the fast drying ink. Flexographic printing can also be your preferred method when the printing requirement includes use of water-based, fluorescent and metallic inks in addition to the most commonly used solvent-based ink.

2. For all materials

Flexographic printing usually involves pressing down a raised image on flexible surfaces. The picture is stamped on the material used. Because of this simple method of application, flexographic printing can be used for both porous and non-porous surfaces. This makes the use of flexographic printing apt when it comes to different consumer and commercial needs such as packaging printing and publication printing.

3. Saves time

One of the biggest factors involved in printing is the amount of time required to complete the job. But thanks to flexographic printing, you can save a lot of your business’s precious time. Firstly, when compared against other traditional printing methods, the setup time required for flexographic printing is considerably lower.

This means you can start doing the actual printing faster than other methods. Secondly, as already mentioned above, flexographic printing works well with fast drying ink too. Which means you do not have to spend a lot of time waiting for the ink to dry when using flexographic printing. And anyone who runs a business knows that time saved is like money earned.

4. Cheaper

If time saved is like money earned, imagine how important and desirable saving money can be for any business. The reason why flexographic printing is cheaper compared to other methods is because of a few reasons. Firstly, it being faster means it taking less time, so all resources used for printing are also used for lesser duration. Then, the parts involved in the printing process such as the relief plate last way longer with flexographic printing than other methods of printing. And even when it is time to replace such parts, it often tends to be cheaper than other methods.

5. Pro Solid Colours

Anyone involved with printing knows the time and effort it takes to get the solid colours right with the printing process. It often requires multiple coating of ink to get the right colour shade, consistency and vibrancy when it comes to solid colours. With flexographic printing, you can use fast drying ink. This allows you to save time while getting the same results, by using multiple layers of ink together.

If you haven’t given flexographic printing a shot, now is the time to do it.

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