5 Signs You Need a Bigger or More Efficient Furnace

Knowing the direct correlation of the square footage of your home and the output of heat for each furnace is a critical piece of information to have before furnace installation. Make sure the model you choose can adequately heat the space you need.

1. No Heat is Felt on the Second Floor

Your furnace may not be big enough to generate the heat you need if you cannot feel the heat through the vents on a second floor. First, make sure that the blower fan is operating as it should. Check to ensure there are no obstructions in the vents. If you still cannot feel the heat, it might be time to consider furnace installation of a model that provides the heat output you need.

2. Heat Appreciably Drops the Farther You Are from Furnace

The farther a room is from the furnace, the less heat output you’ll feel through the vents and this holds true no matter how big the furnace. The trouble is when you feel little to nothing of warm air coming from vents in rooms that are a distance from the source of heat. It means you will always experience a huge drop in heating in these areas of the home anytime it’s cold.

3. Furnace is Always on Maximum Output

Your furnace can become fatigued if it’s having to run at maximum all the time. Efficiency will begin to drop and you’ll be less than impressed with the warming abilities of your appliance. The only real solution to a furnace that is too small for the space in your home is to buy and install a larger unit.

4. You’ve Added on to Your Residence

Building an addition is a great way to get the extra living space you need in your home, but keep the heating and cooling in mind. Every extra square foot you add will take more energy and heat output to stay warm. If your unit is already designed to handle more space than you started with, you shouldn’t feel much change. If your unit was already pushing the limit, you’ll need a bigger furnace.

5. The Model You Have is Not Designed to Heat Your Square Footage

If the struggle to stay warm is not a new phenomenon in your home, the furnace is probably not designed to cover your heating needs. If you are the one that had your furnace installation done and notice problems with keeping the space warm, consult the manual you were given with the furnace and see if it’s recommended for the square footage of your home.

Understand the limits of your current furnace and measure out the exact square footage of your home to determine if the furnace size is the problem.

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