5 Surprising Facts About Tummy Tucks

Of all the elective cosmetic procedures, the tummy tuck seems to have a rather high satisfaction rate. This of course depends on who does it. If you go to an experienced and licensed practitioner, then the chances of everything going well will be high.

Unfortunately, there are those who practice cosmetic procedures who may not be properly qualified or perhaps received their training overseas where rules and regulations may not be as stringent. It is important to go to a good professional so that it all goes well. Let’s look at some facts about the tummy tuck that you may not know.

1. You Get To Keep Your Belly Button

Some people have wondered what happens to the belly button during a tummy tuck procedure. The fact of the matter is, the patient will keep it. It is not lost or removed. This, of course, is when it is a normal and full procedure. Neither will you get a new belly button. However, how it looks and why some look better than others depends on how the incision is made. It also depends on how it is sutured back. It all depends on the skill of the surgeon. Some surgeons are just more skilled at it than others.

2. Connective Tissue Repair

Many people mention loose muscles and mention wanting their loose muscles to be repaired by a tummy tuck. However, this is a bit of a misconception. You see, it is not really loose muscles that is the issue; it is the connective tissue. The muscles are wrapped in this connective tissue, which is the problem. That’s why, during a tummy tuck procedure, it is this connective tissue that is tightened.

3. Redistribution Of Fat

Some patients are concerned about whether the fat which is removed in a tummy tuck procedure will come back somewhere else in their body. No new fat will appear as long as measures are put in place to maintain weight. However, if weight is gained, then the body will redistribute this weight according to each person’s genetic makeup, but the fat will be redistributed evenly. The good thing is, since there are fewer fat cells in the abdominal area as a result of the tummy tuck, then less fat will go to this area, but it is always advisable to try and maintain your body weight with diet and exercise.

4. Tummy Tucks Have Medical Benefits

Even though most people would consider the tummy tuck as just a cosmetic procedure, there are actually some good benefits to having it done. A full tummy tuck can tighten loose and weak areas and by doing so, it can improve a patient’s posture. By flattening this area, the internal organs will also not be so cramped and they can actually function much better.

5. Liposuction May Be Recommended

Some patients may be recommended to have a liposuction done as well. This all depends on the patient’s body and needs. This is not an upsell; liposuction can help sculpt the waist and love handle areas. However, for these patients, it is a separate procedure altogether. This will have its own risks and recovery times, depending on each patient.

Always make sure to research the person who will perform your procedure. This will give you the best chance of recovering nicely and giving you the best results.

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