5 Tips for a Long-Lasting Mascot Costume

You realized the importance of having a brand mascot, finalized on the design after a lot of deliberations, got the mascot costume delivered, used the mascot to market your brand, and are now reaping the benefits of your decision of getting a brand mascot.

But how about next year, or after the small break, you need to use the brand mascot costume again to further the growth of your business? Is your mascot costume still in pristine condition? Does it show the wear-and-tear caused due to its use? Will it still be safe for use in a way that a person can get inside it? And so how many years would the costume last?

If you want to use a mascot costume to further your business, you need to keep one thing in mind. Getting customized mascot costumes is a time-consuming activity that is not very cheap either. To make sure the investment was worth the money, you will have to use your mascot costume for longer periods of time. And to make sure that is the case, you need to take good care of the costume. While the obvious thing to do is to be careful when the costume is in use, your precautions don’t end there.

You need to make sure that the costume is cleaned correctly and stored away correctly too before it is time to bring it out again. Below, we list some of the tips to keep in mind while looking after your mascot costume.

1. Hand wash

Invariably, the mascot costume will consist of a lot of parts that will have internal padding. These areas of the costume can, under no condition, be washed in a machine. Your mascot costume will lose its shape and form if you ever do this. While it may sound a little tedious, hand washing the costume is your best bet to make sure that your mascot costume is cleaned without damaging the costume in any way. This will make sure that you are not frequently spending money towards repairing your costume either.

2. Machine wash

While the abovementioned parts of the costume are delicate and need hand washing, that’s not the case with the entire costume. If the costume has scarfs and gloves and other such pieces as part of the costume, feel free to wash them in your washing machine. Unless these parts are specially ordered and custom made with padding, they can be washed using the normal machine setting that is not too harsh on the materials.

3. Hand drying

Your mascot costume will have many different colours, and probably more than one type of building material too. The best way to make sure that the costume colour stays intact, and that all parts retain their shape, is by hand drying the costume. The heat of the dryer can be too harsh on the costume and can result in permanent damage. It can also cause shrinkage. In situations where the costume is custom made, any shrinkage can cause issues with the original fitting of the costume.

4. Sanitize

Keep in mind the things that your mascot costume goes through and you will soon realize the need to frequently sanitize it. Use any mild detergent and brush to get this done, so that all the areas like the mouth and underarms don’t turn into breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

5. Storage

Once the costume is thoroughly cleaned and dried, make sure you store them using the right bags and keep them folded correctly. This will make sure that your costume come out as good as new the next time to take them out for use.

Keeping in mind how much of an impact the mascot costume can have on your business, the above steps are a very simple way of ensuring that the costumes are with you for a long period of time.

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