5 Warehouse Benefits of Roller Tracking

Your warehouse is responsible for sending out a large volume of goods per day. Therefore, its operation needs to be perfect with little room for error. This is a great reason to adopt roller tracking in your warehouse and the following are 5 benefits of having them installed.

1. Increased efficiency

Roller tracking allows easy and faster transportation of pallets and boxes in the warehouse. Speedy and smooth movement of goods allows for easy picking and storage processes. The roller tracks come in modular designs that can be adjusted to different heights. This can allow you set up a track based on your needs and reduce the need for the lifting of heavy loads.

Roller tracking is a robust material handling solution that allows you to sort goods based on their storage location, size, and the delivery location. Sorting based on different dispatch lines will ensure goods are loaded faster and with less human labour, improving the efficiency of your whole operation.

2. Cost-effective

Although roller tracks may seem expensive during installation, they are usually cheap in the long run as they help to improve productivity and cut costs. They do this by decreasing latency and increasing the volume of goods that are distributed. They also help to lower handling costs.

Another benefit of roller tracking is the reduction of workers in the warehouse. Roller trackers can transport heavier loads faster compared to human labour. This, therefore, means you will need fewer staff to work in your warehouse, reducing costs for wages. Rollers tracks are also cheap to maintain and they protect the conveyor belt from getting damaged. You will therefore require less maintenance and you will not be required to replace the conveyor belt as often.

3. Maximizing on space

Space is a very essential resource in any warehouse. Having roller tracks in your warehouse can help in proper usage of space. Some common ways roller tracking can help in saving space is by using overhead tracking, spiral roller conveyors and tracking that either inclines or declines based on which direction it needs to go.

Transporting goods on roller tracking also requires less space. The roller track systems can be precisely tailored to fit a small area depending on your requirements. Even in small warehouses, you can fit a roller tracking system that will allow for the smooth transfer of goods.

4. Reduced waste

Mis-tracking is very common in most warehouses. It occurs when the conveyor belt is not centered well on the conveyor frames. This can cause the conveyor to stop or damage the conveyor belt as a result of the belt rubbing against other surfaces or functioning parts. When this occurs, incidents involving spills are common.

Roller tracking reduces spillage and damage of the products to be transported. This reduces the amount of waste in your warehouse. You can use roller tracking systems to transport very heavy loads that might take people a lot of time to transport. This is important as the heavier the load, the more likely an accident is likely to occur that results in losses for your company.

5. Increased safety

Roller tracking systems transport very heavy loads. If these loads were to be carried by people, many accidents would occur. This may be due to the heavy loads being dropped on body parts or causing leg, neck, or back injuries.

There is also increased safety in the warehouse with roller tracking due to reduced congestion. A congested warehouse experiences many accidents as workers may collide on the way to their destinations. Instead, the rollers do the transporting and workers are free to concentrate on other tasks.

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