5 Web Analytics You Should Keep Track Of

In today’s digital era, maintaining a website is vital to success in business. An online presence is imperative for potential customers to search, review and learn about it. Not maintaining a website could cause you to fall behind from the competition.  That’s why, if you own a business, or are managing a company the online presence imperative to your growth.

Tracking your viewers is an essential part of learning who your customers are, where they are coming from, and what they are looking for. Not keeping on top of this data can be detrimental for your success, as you may be out of touch with what they are looking for. If you struggle to see the importance of tracking software for your business, we’ve outlined below the most important things that tracking software can help you with.

1. Where your visitors are coming from?

One of the most vital pieces of information that can help a company gain traction is to understand where their site traffic is coming from. This refers to which search engine is driving the most traffic back to your website. This information can be helpful to a business as it can show which sites you should focus your marketing on, and which others you can potentially get rid of.

2. What terms are working?

Using a visitor tracking software system can help you to track which key terms or words brought you the most traction back to your website. Knowing these key terms can help you to better address future posts and insert these key words into your online marketing. Being able to identify what it working can ultimately help you to tailor future content, knowing that it will work.

3. How customers are behaving

Once you understand where your traffic is coming from, and what they are clicking on; the next step to knowing your customer is to understand how they maneuver your site. Knowing if the majority of people immediately click back is a sign that the particular page they were lead to needs more engaging content or additional links.

However, knowing what pages visitors stay on the longest can help you to tailor more posts to that particular format. After all, past behavior is a great indicator of future behaviour and how your visitors will react. Being able to predict this can help to raise your viewer base, and turn your business into an online success.

4. Who they are

Often times visitor tracking software can help its users understand the important demographic information on who is visiting their website. This information can include such things as gender, location, age and work industry. These imperative analytics can be used to better target your future marketing campaigns and gear future products or endeavours to interest your customer base.

5. Conversion rating

Once you understand who is visiting your site, you can be being to understand what it is they want and how you can get them to respond to your marketing. Tailoring your ads or landing pages to the majority of your visitors is an easy way to boost your conversion rating and increase customer loyalty. You will be able to track which ads are working to bring in viewers, and which are not.

It will also let you know which social media audience is the most responsive at turning viewers into subscribers or buyers. This information is vital as you can tailor your marketing and budget to the sources that you know are working for you.

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