6 Interesting Facts About Personal Air Coolers

There are so many jobs that require workers to be in uncomfortable temperatures and to work strenuously in these conditions. It is tough on the body and on the mind of these workers to have to perform in such conditions, which leads workers and employers alike to try to find alternatives to improve working conditions for themselves and their employees.

1. Personal air cooler as an option

A personal air cooler is a device which keeps a person cool. This is usually worn in the form of a vest and runs on filtered compressed air and vortex tube technology. Personal air coolers are a great option for keeping workers cool because it is a consistent source of coolness, as opposed to ice packs which are coldest at the beginning when they have just been frozen, but which become warmer over time until they become useless. The personal air cooler is also a device that can be worn either inside or outside, so it is more versatile than an air conditioner.

2. Avoid negative effects on workers

Hard work in hot, uncomfortable environments can cause serious negative effects on workers. It can cause heat strokes, fainting, and dizziness. It can also make it difficult for workers to accomplish their tasks and it can cause employees to be less motivated and less dedicated to their job if they are forced to work in uncomfortable conditions.

3. Increase productivity

When workers have personal air coolers they are less likely to need multiple breaks after short periods of working time. By equipping staff with personal air coolers, they will be able to limit break times to what they should be and increase productivity. Workers will also be able to work more efficiently if they are in a comfortable environment.

4. Can also be used to heat things up

Even though personal air coolers are primarily used for cooling people down, they have the ability to be used as a personal air heater to be used when workers are stuck working in very cold environments. This creates another level of versatility for this piece of equipment, as not many adjustments need to be made in order to transform the personal air cooler into a personal air heater.

5. Is not restricting

The personal air cooling vests are not restricting to the person wearing them, and are able to be worn under other mandatory gear required to keep the workers safe. They are not thick, bulky or heavy, and come with an adjustable waist belt for easy use.

Unlike many types of bulky cooling systems that can be heavy, space consuming, cost inefficient, and not ideal to the specific working conditions of some employees, personal air coolers can be worn by anybody, anywhere, any time. They are versatile in so many different ways – there are different cooling levels, different types of cooling, and are easy to clean. They are dirt, water, and sweat resistant, and are safe for use in areas with hazardous materials. Some are even flame retardant, and the material can withstand fairly high heats.

6. Many jobs can benefit from personal air coolers

Really any job that requires workers to complete their tasks in an environment that has an extreme temperature – whether it is very hot or very cold – can benefit from a personal air cooler. That often means big industrial sites like mines and sand blasting, construction, big plants like glass plants and power plants, boiler rooms, and many more. On the cold side, people working in refrigerated or frozen areas can benefit from these devices, as long as the model they have has warming capabilities.

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