6 Most Popular Business Courses at Schulich

Schulich offers a variety of courses and programs for professionals working in industry now, one specialty is business operations and finance. If you are interested in studying in this area, you’ve come to the right place! Below is a summary of the six different categories within Schulich’s business operations and finance continuing education offerings.

1. Business Analysis

The definition of business analysis is the organizational identification of issues and appropriate solutions thereby creating value for stakeholders. The ability to utilize business analysis as a tool is valuable to virtually everyone because it is applicable to all forms of business.

At Schulich School of Business, there are several courses and programs in this field of study. More specifically, Schulich has designed their courses to cater to those working in project management, systems management, software development, systems design, data security, IT and information management careers.

2. Financial Acumen

Financial acumen, otherwise known as commercial or business acumen, is the intuition and practical understanding of how a business makes money. To ensure the effectiveness of a strategy within an organization and adequate financial decision making, financial acumen is extraordinarily helpful.

Because accounting literacy is crucial for financial acumen, Schulich incorporates managerial and financial accounting concepts into their courses. Courses in the financial acumen area are best for employees in positions where they are making decisions or managing.

3. Lean Six Sigma

The process of collaborating a team’s efforts to reduce waste in a number of areas of a process thereby improving overall performance is known as lean six sigma. At one point in time, six sigma was a revolutionary concept in the world of business. Today it is a necessary component of production, without it, companies would be unable to compete with leaders in their industry.

Schulich offers various courses related to lean six sigma, all focus on quality control, process improvement projects, production improvement and customer service. Courses in six sigma are extremely popular because of how crucial the concept is for businesses today.

4. Project Management

Every project has associated goals and constraints. Project management aims to fulfill all the goals of a project within the limitations through planning, controlling and execution. Project management has become a basic skill for nearly every career, it is also useful for personal projects.

Schulich offers both general and specialized courses in the study area of project management. Every employee has a varying degree of project management skill needs, Schulich caters to that variance.

5. Supply Chain and Logistics

The flow of goods and services must be managed through the supply chain, this involves the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods. Essentially, the supply chain is the lifecycle of products and services until it reaches the hands of the consumer. Because of the complexity that is involved with supply chains, logistics is needed for efficiency and cost-savings.

A variety of professionals can benefit from taking a Schulich course in supply chain management and logistics including business owners, purchasing and procurement managers, materials managers, plant, production, systems, operations, finance, order management and warehousing professionals.

6. Technology

Modern business practices rely on technology heavily to function properly. Not only is it more efficient for companies to use technology, it is needed to remain competitive with other businesses that are benefiting from technology. Managers need to use technology to improve the organization’s processes without making employees work a challenge.

Schulich offers non-technical courses for technology strategic uses designed for managers responsible for organizational technology application and improvement. The programs are designed to teach how technology can be used to maintain and grow businesses while bettering customer service.

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