6 Reasons Why Nurses Wear Medical Scrubs

When an office manager walks into their place of business, they’ll typically come wearing traditional business attire like a suit and tie. A medical environment is very different from an office environment and thereby, their work attire needs to be designed accordingly. Nurses, doctors, and medical professionals of all backgrounds wear medical scrubs for several reasons.

1. Medical scrubs are comfortable.

Nurses and doctors work long, stressful shifts. The more comfortable they are, the more likely they’re to perform their jobs well. Also, medical scrubs is a very clean outfit to be around patients with. There’s nothing hanging down, when leaning over a patient. There’s nothing loose to get caught in any medical equipment. They’re form-fitting and can be worn by any body type. All in all, medical scrubs are a piece of clothing very adaptable and relaxing to wear.

2. Medical scrubs are a practical uniform.

Scrubs are a very functional and practical choice when it comes to a uniform for a medical environment. No nurse or doctor is seated at a desk all shift long. They need clothing that’s designed with movement in mind and that has a good range of motion. Imagine if there’s an emergency and the doctor needs to sprint to the other end of the hospital. Medical scrubs fit easy. They can be worn to run, to bend down and pick up a patient, and can be relied on. Compared to other outfits, there’s nothing that comes close to medical scrubs as a practical choice in the profession.

3. Medical scrubs are a sanitary choice.

Medical professionals are put into all sorts of unsanitary situations. At any given time, a doctor or nurse could get blood, feces, urine, or other fluids on their clothing. The material used to manufacture scrubs is easy to clean. If you’re wearing scrubs that are provided by your medical facility, the fact that they’re so easy to wash makes it easier for the facility to clean them in bulk. Hospitals can apply a range of cleaning methods to get these cleaned fast.

4. They don’t inconvenience the patient.

A study published by the British Medical Journal found that, to patients, what a doctor or nurse is wearing matters. In a medical environment, clothing communicates authority, confidence, professionalism, and intelligence. Doctors are preferred to be wearing either lab coats or scrubs. It’s what’s expected. Medical scrubs here are used to establish status and respect. When you’re not in a hospital environment, medical scrubs are imitate such a space communicating to a patient that they are well cared for.

5. Medical scrubs can easily be color-coded.

In some hospitals, scrubs are distributed in colors to help maintain different departments and specializations. This is done to help with safety and identification. For example, a nursing student may be given red scrubs to wear to denote them as such, compared to full-time registered nurses who may be dressed in the more traditional blue. When you’re working in the medical field, this type of color-coding is an integral part to ensuring decisions can be made confidently, all employees are appropriately supported, and that errors in responsibility assignment are not made.

For men and women in medical environments, medical scrubs are a fundamental to doing the job right. Although scrubs are not the most trendy, fashionable piece of work wear out there, they’re the most practical for medical settings. Daily Scrubs sells medical scrubs of all varieties, ensuring you look your absolute best whether the gender or the role. Durable for even the toughest of medical jobs, they’re worn by nurses and doctors all over Canada. Comfortable, inexpensive, and with enhanced stretch performance, you can trust Daily Scrubs products as some of Canada’s best.

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