7 Common Mistakes Men Make With Leather Briefcases

Men have made tremendous strides in the area of fashion. There has been a gradual move towards accessorizing with quality leather products. As a result, leather products are redefining how men appear in both private and public.

One of the most popular leather items men love to carry is the leather briefcase. It is not only a status symbol but also a practical accessory guaranteed to impress. However, to make fashion sense, you have to wear it right.

To get the most out of a leather briefcase, do your best to avoid the following common mistakes:

1. Carrying It at the Wrong Time and Place

There is a time and place for everything. For leather briefcases, the time and place for wearing them have to be perfectly executed. For instance, while it would be a stroke of fashion genius to carry your exquisite leather briefcase to an important business meeting, you would look very awkward carrying it to the beach.

2. Colour Clashing

The colour of your leather briefcase should complement that of the rest of your attire. It is not uncommon to meet some guy carrying a leather briefcase that completely clashes with the rest of their outfit. Get the basics right by wearing an outfit that compliments the basic colours of your leather briefcase, or vice versa.

3. Buying Cheap Leather

Cheap leather briefcases are so priced because they are not genuine. Genuine leather may not be cheap, but imitations are not either. If you are going to buy a leather briefcase, make sure it’s made of good quality leather. Don’t fall for the “genuine leather” label since some of these are actually fake. Invest in a genuine leather briefcase and avoid cheap imitations at all costs. Genuine leather doesn’t break or chip easily. In fact, it gets better with age. Not so cheap imitations! Besides, genuine leather briefcases are not as expensive as one would think.

4. Misuse

Every product is designed to serve a particular purpose. Understanding your need is the first step towards making proper use of your leather briefcase. Your briefcase is designed for official use. Don’t use it as a backpack or a hold-all bag. Use it for what it is meant for.

5. Overstuffed or a Sunken Briefcase

Don’t junk your leather briefcase. Some men carry so much stuff in their leather briefcases that zipping them is a problem. You don’t have to carry unnecessary stuff in there. Carry only the essentials you will need for the day. On the flipside, it is not proper to carry a sunken briefcase. To make sure it can stand by itself without sagging; fill it up with some light material.

6. Neglect

All leather products need regular care and maintenance. Your leather briefcase is no exception. Most men will polish their leather shoes but not their briefcases. It is a mistake. Get a quality leather conditioner and cleaner and give your briefcase some TLC.

7. Buying a Briefcase without Compartments

Men are experts at compartmentalizing. You have ‘compartments’ in your brain where you ‘store’ certain things. You can carry the same ingenuity into leather briefcases. A briefcase with outside and inside pockets does not only look beautiful, but it is also user-friendly. Since your briefcase is an official tool, it can be your mobile cabinet where you file your documents. A briefcase without compartments is merely a hold-all bag. Finding anything in there is like walking into a maze.

A leather briefcase makes you stand out. It says a lot about your personal brand and style. However, it can work against you if you make the above seven mistakes.

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