8 Cool Discoveries You Can Learn From Your DNA

Discovering where you come from is not a new trend. People have been researching and developing family trees for decades, maybe even centuries. But what is relatively new is how individuals trace their lineage.

Thanks to modern DNA testing services like CRI Genetics, consumers can send their saliva swab to a lab and, for a reasonable fee, find out where their family originates. Checking your roots is a very individual choice. Some do it out of mere curiosity while others want to find out for a specific reason. Whatever your desire to determine where your ancestors came from, there are universal benefits for everyone.

1. Find Out Where You Came From

Did you ever wonder why you have a certain hair or eye colour, or why your fingers are short, or your big toe is bigger than average? DNA testing can help you find out why. Designated populations have unique traits exclusive to their lineage. By tracing your roots, you can find out what continents your ancestors lived and trace your family’s evolution.

2. Keep Your Roots

If you have stories, traditions, languages, or recipes passed down from previous generations, you might be wondering why. Getting your ancestral DNA checked can answer those questions. Having roots for many people is an important part of their identity, so going back in time will help them find testers answers to their heritage.

3. Health Related Issues

There are diseases and conditions specific to certain populations and genetics. If you are concerned about your health and wellbeing along with your family’s wellness or want to know if a specific condition is hereditary, DNA testing can help you understand your genetic risks in contracting different diseases.

4. Finding Family

Many applicants have located family through ancestral testing. Clans and kin have certain markers on their DNA unique to their line. By getting your markers checked, you can find out if you are or were related to others and trace their history.

5. Entitlement Claims

For some, finding out if you belong to a family unit effects land claims and entitlements. Finding out is essential for future prosperity and ensuring valuable property remains in the kinship. DNA samples can reveal compelling information that is almost impossible to dispel.

6. Pass on the Heritage to Future Generations

It is important for you to find out where you came from, but it is also essential to pass the information onto future generations. Kids like to hear stories of their ancestors, so finding out where they came from is something you can pass down to the younger generation. Sharing your heritage with your children also helps give them a sense of identity.

7. Become More Connected to the World

In a world that sometimes seems too distant and divided, ancestry testing is an authentic way to bring us closer together. Finding out you have a common cultural and genetic trait with others helps bond people and feel more connected to other cultures and countries.

8. Because It’s Fascinating

History is fascinating and learning how your family fits into the evolution of time and events that have shaped our world is even more so. Finding out about past relatives and livelihoods that impacted your family’s story can be lifechanging. Getting ancestral testing is an interesting way to learn about the movements of your clan throughout the past centuries.

Tracing the origins of your family’s beginnings is interesting. In the past, people were relatively limited with how much they knew about their kin. Stories and documents passed down were all family members had and if they were not shared, the information was severed. Today DNA testing has opened a new door to answering questions about your family and its roots.

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