9 Qualities of a Great Canadian University

Canadian universities are among the top 100 in the world. Besides the nation’s almost unparalleled beautiful landscape, Canada also boasts a diversity that most nations find hard to match, as well as top educational institutes. Among the top qualities of a great Canadian university are:

1. World-Class Education

College and university diplomas from Canadian universities are recognized all over the world. The education system in Canada encourages the development of transferable skills. It is also cross-disciplinary and applies digital media and modern sophisticated technology. Instruction is mainly through lectures, group work, workshops, and project assignments.

A typical classroom in a great Canadian university is open and friendly. Lecturers guide students towards becoming independent learners and thinkers. The programmes are career-focused. The curriculum is adapted to the needs of the job market and current events.

2. Work Study Programs

A great Canadian university has work-study programs for various approved students. This is a great attraction to students who need help in funding their education or to meet their living expenses.

3. Technological Savvy

Canada is the home of technological innovations. It was the first nation in the world to link libraries and schools to the internet via the SchoolNet program. In a nation with 90% internet connectivity, there is no doubt a great university in this great nation is a trendsetter in technological applications.

4. High-Quality Student Life

Canadian universities are among the world’s best places in which to live and study. A great Canadian university has a high-quality student life, which is based on affordability, student diversity, and how employers’ perceive students in the employment marketplace. Besides, the overall quality of life in Canada is one of the highest. It is also among the safest and most stable nations to live in. A great Canadian university reflects these dynamics as well.

5. Welcomes International Students

International students find Canadian universities among the most accommodating in the world. This is perhaps due to the nation’s rich and diverse culture that is friendly to all. As a bilingual nation, the two main languages in the world, English and French, are represented. A great Canadian university reflects these diversities.

6. English Is the Language of Instruction

The two main official languages in Canada are English and French. However, English in the main language of instruction in all Canadian universities. As long as you can speak English, you will find a great university in Canada. However, a great Canadian university should provide you with a chance to learn French.

7. Financial Assistance

Great Canadian universities provide financial assistance to eligible students. These range from bursaries, awards, and scholarships. Different eligibility criteria exist for each of these financial assistance programmes.

8. Focus on Research

Great Canadian universities have a bias towards research. Many of them have made groundbreaking discoveries. Students at these universities conduct exciting experiments and undertake meaningful projects for an immersive study experience with a bias towards innovation and creativity.

9. Affordability

In spite of being one of the best places to live in that has a high standard of living, most great Canadian universities charge lower tuition fees than comparable countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. This despite providing quality education and a low cost of living.

Besides their diversity and welcoming attitude, great Canadian universities produce some of the most qualified and sought after graduates due to their focus on analytical skills and critical thinking. They also provide experiential learning to give students practical experiences, which include co-op learning that alternates classroom instruction with internships and on-the-job training. The result is a well-balanced graduate ready to tackle the job market with unmatched confidence.

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